Decorating a large room

The most common problems with interior designers is making a small space look bigger than it actually is. However, it is an equally tedious job to fill the space in a larger room! You don’t have to resort to filling up your living space with unnecessary clutter. Using the right kinds of furniture and placing it in a certain way will help fill up your extra spaces without making it seem too cluttered.

Stay proportional

One of the advantages of having a large living space is that you can install art works. However, you need to ensure that the furniture and the art does not conflict in size. Even when choosing furnishings such as coffee table, lamps, additional seating or other small furnishings, make sure that they fit well into the existing interior layout. You can also use large fixtures such as book cases, shelves and other fittings as a nice contrast to the interior texture.


You can create invisible partitions within a room by the way of structuring and use of different types of furnishings. For example you can install a TV in one end of a room and a book shelf at the other end. You can also change the kind of lighting, albeit slightly, to make subtle changes to the different parts of the room. If you want to make the partitions more distinct, you can use Japanese screen partitions and sliding room partitions as well.

Add details

Go bold with the paints. Since you are looking to give a large room an illusion of limited space, you can use strong, dark paints. You can also invest in other additional architectural details like ceiling beams, pillars, etc to give your living space a cosy feel.

There is so much you can do with a large room. Make the best use of the available space to give large spaces a decorative look.

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Updating your staircases

The staircase is usually the focal point of any area. It calls attention to itself, and hence it is important to give it some thought when redesigning it to meet the standards of your new interiors. Revamping your staircase should be one of your top priority and you should invest optimal rime and effort when choosing your staircase.

Staircases come in a variety of materials such as wrought iron, stainless steel, wood and a combination of the above as well. Since staircases are not replaced for years on end, you need to ensure that het quality is top notch. They be sturdy enough to independently support weight over longer periods of time.

You should also look into regular maintenance of staircases in order to keep them looking good and to retain their original sheen and style. This includes using proper cleaning products and methods to keep your staircases clean and free of dirt and grime. In case of painted staircases, repainting them every few years will give them a new like look.

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Why it’s important to choose ergonomic office chair

Working in an office requires your employees to be seated on a char for most of the day. Over prolonged periods, this can seriously hamper their posture, thus resulting in serious medical complications. It is important to have chairs and office furniture that reduces stress on the spine, which will alleviate the chances of developing back problems.

This is why a company needs to invest in ergonomic chairs for their employees. One of the key factors of an ergonomic char is seat height adjustability. This will ensure that the workers are positioned correctly at the desk, irrespective of their height.

The seat should also offer quality lumbar support, at the bottom of the spine. The lower part of the spine has an inward curve and sitting for long hours with no support to this region can lead to slouching, which alters the natural curve of the spine.

A flexible back rest is also important, and it should also be adjustable in height and flexibility.  The back rest should also offer optimal back support as well, ensuring minimal stress on the back.

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Adding bright colours to your interior designs

The most common consensus when it comes to interior design is to use bright/ sharp colours sparingly. Too much bright colours will overpower the surrounding colour combination, and will stand out like a sore thumb. However, when used correctly, additions of bright colours will give your interiors a refined look.

Experimenting with different tones and shades of bright colours is recommended. Modern homes evoke a sense of beauty and house challenging architectural styles, which will benefit from the sharp, contrasting colours. Choose from different shades of the colour to find one that suits you best in order to balance out softer shades.

Bright colours are more suited for the outdoors. Pairing a brightly coloured window pane with a muted outdoor wall paint will give your home an idyllic look. Some people even go as far as painting their doors in bright colours such as red, blue and green, given that the architecture can pull off such a feat.

Adding bright coloured accessories can give your interiors an eye popping look.  A bright orange chair when placed in the right spot, in the midst of muted colours will give your home a more contemporary look.

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Designing your home kitchen layout

Kitchens are often the least of concern when redesigning or remodelling your home. However, kitchens have to be given the right treatment and importance in order to give your kitchen a look it deserves. Professional interior designer will help you with everything from choosing a comfortable kitchen layout, to decorating it with the right kind of tiles and other interior design accessories.

Kitchen is no longer a place to just cook. Modern Kitchens are used to cook, eat and socialize, thus making it just as important as the living room. One of the first things you need to decide on is the kitchen layout. This is one of the most important functional aspects, which will dictate how comfortable it is to use the kitchen and how well the available space is used.

The layout address various parameters such as the placement of the various kitchen appliances like sink, stove, cabinets, counters and kitchen furniture like table and chairs. These days the open kitchen is the rage, where the fine line between dining area and kitchen           is removed completely. This is easier especially when you are remodelling your home.

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Creating the perfect bedroom

The ideal bedroom is where serenity and calmness resides. This is where you can be yourself and let go from the hectic schedules of your daily life. It is thus important to create a viable environment where you can sleep and dissociate yourself from everyday hassles. Be it a small room or a big room, a bedroom should always be designed to suit your needs.
Try choosing muted colours for your bedroom walls. This will not “shock” your visual sense when you wake up, unlike the bright walls. Pale blue, gray or ivory are popular choices for bedroom walls. You can choose hardwood floors for your bedroom, but make sure to use carpets. The carpets will help keep the floors considerably warm, even after a cold night.
When investing in a bed, make sure you splurge. The bed is the focal point of the room, and you can go out to choose the most luxurious model you can afford. A good bed will ensure a good sleep and will keep you refreshed when you wake up. Make sure to position your bed in the right direction- not too close to the windows and at a sufficient distance from the air conditioner. This will help ensure that the temperature surrounding your bed is uniform.
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Setting up the perfect home office

Working from home provides an unprecedented freedom and eases work pressure. However, having a lazy workspace at your home can actually be counterproductive. Propping on your couch with a laptop and working on your coffee table can seriously hamper your productivity. If you are someone who often works from home, it pays to have a designated home office, can help eliminate minor irritations that hamper your workflow.

When planning your workspace, you need to think of creating a comfortable, yet professional workspace. Good seating arrangements should be one of your first priorities. You do not have to invest in the costliest worktable and chair, but having a good, comfortable chair and worktable is important.

Good lighting is also important. Try to position your workspace as close to a natural light source, such as a window. Also, invest in a good lighting system as well, for working during dark, moody days. Working in a place with optimal lighting will reduce strain on your eyes.

Good ventilation is also important. Invest in a good air conditioning system for those hot, humid days. This will have your work environment in an optimal temperature, thus keeping you from being uncomfortable.

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The beauty of handmade tiles

Handmade tiles have a unique charm that is impossible to replicate with the factory made tiles. The subtle imperfections, such as uneven edges, disproportionate colours, and rough surfaces add to the overall look and feel of the handmade tiles. The contrasting differences between handmade tiles and factory made tiles are one of the main reasons for their huge appeal in the market.

Handmade tiles have appealing imperfections, and sets up a beautiful rustic ambience, which is why they are highly prized in the niche restaurant and other small establishments. Handmade tiles are made from traditional clay. Additives are added to provide colour and sturdy structure. When these are baked in a kiln, they result in an inconsistent colour pattern that the handmade tiles are famous for.

Once they are cooled down, the glaze will set differently in each tile. Slight cracks may appear on the glaze during the cooling process, which adds to the rustic look. This cracking however, does not result in a weaker/ substandard tile. These cracks form a unique pattern that looks like an art on its own.

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Making the most of your small bathroom

A small bathroom always presents a good amount of logistical and design challenges. However, a skilled designer can make the best use of available space by planting clever décor and accessories. This will makes your small bathroom seem spacious, and will make the best use of the limited space.

The best space management tip is to do away with external cupboards and unnecessary clutter. Storing the essential toiletries in a hidden cupboard or wall hanging cabinets is recommended. Keeping the floor and the ceiling free of all clutter is the ebst way to give your small bathroom a feeling of space. Wall mounted features such as floating shelves, sinks etc will work wonders in this regard.

Using bright colours and reflective surfaces will add to the look and the cheerful feel of the bathroom. Using large tile formats and a good sized mirror, placed strategically will create an illusion of largeness. Making good use of natural and artificial lighting is necessary to make your bathroom look lively. The bathroom is the first place you go to after you wake up, good lighting can elevate lethargy and can make you feel awake easily.

Using the right accessories such as showerheads, taps etc can also add to the charm of the bathroom.

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An ideal living room design

Living rooms can turn dull and drab really quick. This is where you entertain your guests, and it should always be bright and in good shape. Having the right atmosphere and ambience will give your living room a desirable look.

One should always strive to provide maximum impact for minimal work. Hence the living room should be just filled with furniture and other ornaments which gives it a classy look, yet is easy to maintain. This will also give your living room an airy feel without making it seem to stuffy.

One of the biggest mistakes everyone does is having that one char/ corner where you dump your bag, keys, phone and other clutter. By simply removing this, you will be able to achieve abetter aesthetic feel to your room.

You should also open your blinds and windows from time to time to let the natural air and light to flow through. Using light curtains that appear translucent in bright light will also give your living room a lighter feel.

Try rearranging your furniture to achieve a better look. This can also help you to increase the available space. This will open up new style features and give you new ideas on how to use your space.

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