Interior decoration with our collaboration

 Zen Interiors offers world class interior design services that helps to give your homes a new makeover hat gives your living spaces a stylish new look

Style and living blend in completely, and this gets reflected by the homes we build, the choices we make on building our homes. The first condition to creating an interior is to select something that defines your personality. If someone is more of a comfortable person, he or she can decorate the home in shades of light colours. If someone is more naturally inclined, he or she may try shades of green and yellow. If someone is more of an office classic, he or she can experiment with shades of grey and blue.

The main idea is to make the smaller rooms more spacious, by painting them with lighter colours and painting your personality into them. Use of larger windows and mirrors cause the illusion of large rooms too. Mirrors and light increase the illusion also.

Every room is a work of art and tells a story of its own. If there’s an antique in your room, it narrates a tale of inheritance and history. If there’s your favorite couch beside it, that will tell a tale of how you could not resist a pricey item and you couldn’t get over it. The past and present could easily settle into one room and coexist wonderfully.

With fabrics, rugs, carpets, cushions, and colours, there can be a throw of colours and hues. Adding green plants, lanterns, hanging pots and lamps bring about more vibes to the rooms. Adding reading nooks, ethnic kitchen designs, antique shelves, bring about huge differences.

At Zen interiors, we have specialized interior decoraters who will guide you through the selection process. From sofa selection to your staircase design, we have all solutions for you. We can help you with color schemes, designs, models, and material that will suit your home best.

Not only is home furniture important, one needs to look into office furniture too. Cubicles, desks, chairs, cupboards for your office setup is also available. All of this furniture needs to be classy, chic and decent. Not only has it to be fashionable but also functional and useful.

We look after client satisfaction on the first basis and try to create the best experience for the customers. For more information, one should consult our website: We ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee the best results for your homes. For best results, discuss your plans with us and we will guide you through. Transform your home into a piece of art, with our collaboration.


Decorate and relive!

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space or building, to achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.

Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, and a good amount of research with final execution of the design. It is basically designed in a way which lets a person utilise maximum functional space and give an appealing and lavish look to your home.

How it all started?

In past, interiors were put together instinctively as a part of the process of building. The pursuit of effective use of space, happy user experience and functional design has effectively contributed to the development of contemporary interior design profession. Interiors is a way to flaunt your wealth and status to the society. The best of it you have, more upgraded your status will be!

What interior designers actually do?

They effectively sketch out the basic plan on available site space along with a clear understanding of technical issues like window and door positioning, acoustics and lighting. Since they are not all-rounder’s, they usually work in sync with contractors and engineers to set up a basic plan of how and where things have to be arranged and decorated.

Just giving high class interior designs are not enough. One needs to plan according to the available space, how best can we decorate the available space in the most unique and a lavish way keeping in mind the building codes, regulations and ADA requirements.

Interiors differ depending on the place they have been given to design. Unlike residential interiors, hospital interiors are completely different. Every area has its own persona that needs to be fulfilled while designing the place.

Most significant aspect of interiors!

Colour is a very crucial aspect in interior designing. Though u have had awesome and all unique kind of designs, colour is the only thing which can fill life in those designs. Hence, it is really significant to choose the best suitable colour according to the place be it residential or any commercial establishment. Colours have a physiologicaleffect, it portrays negative and positive vibes around you. It is highly essential to blend the perfect colour into the design to give a positive outcome. Colours have a special property of making a tiny space look larger, the right kind of colour will give you a calmer, cheerful and a comfortable feeling.

Zen interiors provides a wide range of services in interior designing. Choose us and we will make sure you have made the best choice for your interiors. For more information about our services, please do visit our website at

Adding bright colours to your interior designs

The most common consensus when it comes to interior design is to use bright/ sharp colours sparingly. Too much bright colours will overpower the surrounding colour combination, and will stand out like a sore thumb. However, when used correctly, additions of bright colours will give your interiors a refined look.

Experimenting with different tones and shades of bright colours is recommended. Modern homes evoke a sense of beauty and house challenging architectural styles, which will benefit from the sharp, contrasting colours. Choose from different shades of the colour to find one that suits you best in order to balance out softer shades.

Bright colours are more suited for the outdoors. Pairing a brightly coloured window pane with a muted outdoor wall paint will give your home an idyllic look. Some people even go as far as painting their doors in bright colours such as red, blue and green, given that the architecture can pull off such a feat.

Adding bright coloured accessories can give your interiors an eye popping look.  A bright orange chair when placed in the right spot, in the midst of muted colours will give your home a more contemporary look.

At Zen interiors, our specialist interior designers will help you will enriching your home interiors with the right shades and patters that defines your personality. For more information about our services, do visit our website at

Designing your home kitchen layout

Kitchens are often the least of concern when redesigning or remodelling your home. However, kitchens have to be given the right treatment and importance in order to give your kitchen a look it deserves. Professional interior designer will help you with everything from choosing a comfortable kitchen layout, to decorating it with the right kind of tiles and other interior design accessories.

Kitchen is no longer a place to just cook. Modern Kitchens are used to cook, eat and socialize, thus making it just as important as the living room. One of the first things you need to decide on is the kitchen layout. This is one of the most important functional aspects, which will dictate how comfortable it is to use the kitchen and how well the available space is used.

The layout address various parameters such as the placement of the various kitchen appliances like sink, stove, cabinets, counters and kitchen furniture like table and chairs. These days the open kitchen is the rage, where the fine line between dining area and kitchen           is removed completely. This is easier especially when you are remodelling your home.

At Zen Interiors, our professional designers will help you to achieve an interior design of your liking. For more information about our services, do visit our website at

An ideal living room design

Living rooms can turn dull and drab really quick. This is where you entertain your guests, and it should always be bright and in good shape. Having the right atmosphere and ambience will give your living room a desirable look.

One should always strive to provide maximum impact for minimal work. Hence the living room should be just filled with furniture and other ornaments which gives it a classy look, yet is easy to maintain. This will also give your living room an airy feel without making it seem to stuffy.

One of the biggest mistakes everyone does is having that one char/ corner where you dump your bag, keys, phone and other clutter. By simply removing this, you will be able to achieve abetter aesthetic feel to your room.

You should also open your blinds and windows from time to time to let the natural air and light to flow through. Using light curtains that appear translucent in bright light will also give your living room a lighter feel.

Try rearranging your furniture to achieve a better look. This can also help you to increase the available space. This will open up new style features and give you new ideas on how to use your space.

At Zen interiors we provide professional interior design services, where we ensure that your home makes optimal use of available space. For more information about our services, do visit our website at