The beauty of handmade tiles

Handmade tiles have a unique charm that is impossible to replicate with the factory made tiles. The subtle imperfections, such as uneven edges, disproportionate colours, and rough surfaces add to the overall look and feel of the handmade tiles. The contrasting differences between handmade tiles and factory made tiles are one of the main reasons for their huge appeal in the market.

Handmade tiles have appealing imperfections, and sets up a beautiful rustic ambience, which is why they are highly prized in the niche restaurant and other small establishments. Handmade tiles are made from traditional clay. Additives are added to provide colour and sturdy structure. When these are baked in a kiln, they result in an inconsistent colour pattern that the handmade tiles are famous for.

Once they are cooled down, the glaze will set differently in each tile. Slight cracks may appear on the glaze during the cooling process, which adds to the rustic look. This cracking however, does not result in a weaker/ substandard tile. These cracks form a unique pattern that looks like an art on its own.

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