Window Blinds and the concern of privacy

Your windows are ideal for and will look best with inside mount blinds like you planned. If your recess is less than 2.25″ and you expect your inside mount shades to project out a little after they are installed, you may consider ordering the valance that comes with these blinds as outside mount. Zen interiors cater to your needs when it comes to window blinds.

This valance cap will then come a bit wider than the shade itself and have 3″ pieces that will return to the wall. These pieces can be trimmed down to fit your needs or left off altogether. The valance exceeding the width of the shade would look better than one projecting out past the recess and into the room at the same width of the shade itself.

It is important to note that many people decide to inside mount these shades. Quite often people overlook that these shades are being mounted where they took out their screens last winter. Mounting them inside where you think you have room often means you have made your screens worthless.

Roman shades will definitely work. So will almost any other treatment.Ready-made, single width drapery panels with grommets on a wood pole would go a long way on these windows. All though they are not functional and do not offer privacy, they would go well with a basic wood blind or cellular shade on the windows.

But Romans would look like nice too. I just find them to be less than ideal when people want privacy + light in the daytime. Also, the way light illuminates the fabric and does not where they are laying on molding is not always attractive and bugs a lot of people after install. This can be avoided with black outlining used in the roman, but then you have a pitch black living room in the daytime.

Solar shades–how do you feel about them in terms of value, especially vs. light filtering shades?

Solar shades help a lot. The solar shade is going to do more for you as far as stopping intense light/heat and making the space more livable. And if you are into a more modern look, this decision is a no-brainer.

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Decorative wall tiles

Nowadays, people are very enthusiastic about putting latest trend accessories to their homes. People want to make their home look beautiful and stylish. Since wall covers most part of the house, it is necessary to decorate walls so as to give them an attractive look. Wall tiles is a stylish and functional material to put on the wall to increase the beauty of home ‘s design. Wall tiles should be chosen according to colour and textures to best fit into the landscape. It creates a contemporary look and feel, and modernizes the space. It is also a great alternative to paint and wallpapers. It allows every pattern from glossy finish to rustic and intricate patterns and texture at your home. Wall tiles are most durable covering to the walls of kitchen, bathroom or any other part of house. These wall tiles are easy to clean and hard-wearing enough to protect your wall from unwanted marks and scratches.

Wall tiles are available in lots from bold vintage look to modern look. Different types of tiles are also available according to the requirement of place of installation in different parts of house.

The classification of tiles according to place of installation in different parts of house are:-

  1. Kitchen- Kitchens are the busiest part of house and have maximum risk of getting its walls stained by food or smoke. There is suitable tilling options galore present to protect its wall from unwanted stains. Kitchen have tilling options ranging from vintage metro tiles to resilient splash backs.
  2. Bathrooms- Bathrooms have wet condition that can damage the coating and layers of walls. Thus, bathroom walls necessarily requires tiles to protect the beauty and strength of wall from moisture. It has vivid option of hard-wearing tiles from practical porcelain to easy to clean ceramics.
  3. Living rooms-Living room is the centre of home that requires best interior design as it gathers most focus and attention. Wall tiles that could be installed in living room are available in a vibrant array of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes – complementing luxurious decor with rich autumnal shades to bright colourful tiles.
  4. Bedrooms-People mostly prefer either subtle calming shades or boudoir making dramatic impact in their bedroom. Preference of bedroom tiles range from patterned  encaustic tile to cool  slate wall tiles.

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Different Types of Stairs

At Zen Interiors we specialize in helping our clients to find the best staircases in Bahrain. Choose from stylish, sturdy stairs suitable for your homes 

In most houses a staircase is just a means of moving from one floor to another. Usually, there is nothing special about a staircase, though some are more beautiful and charming than the others. Closed or open sided staircases, and natural or painted wood, these are some of the choices that used to available. But all these now seem a bit dull when compared to the collections that the decor houses have these days for outstanding and individual staircases.

Designer staircases not only enhance the overall look of the living space, but also provide custom functionality by making the best use of the available space.

Here are some types of staircases:

Straight Stairs

Generally for homes with small area, straight stairs provide a space efficient option and the available width of the staircase is very retractable. Due to this, this type of straight stairs are often used in conditions in straight runs are required between two floors. These staircases may consist of one flight or more than one flight with a landing.

Quarter Turn Stairs

The quarter turn staircase turns either to the right or to the left and provides a quarter space landing or winders at the turn. In this type of staircase, the stairs turns a complete 90 degrees at the landing as it rises to connect two different floors. Due to its shape, it is also called as L-stair.

 Bifurcated stairs

Bifurcated staircases are more commonly used in public buildings. These are usually installed at the entrance of these buildings. These have a larger flight width at the bottom, which bisects into two narrower flights, one turning to the either sides, at the landing. These stairs require a larger area to install and hence are perfect for homes with larger ground area.

Circular Stairs

Circular stairs also called spiral stairs are usually placed at positions where there is limited space area. These stairs are mostly used as emergency stairs, and are provided at the back of a building. Although these are not very comfortable but provide a good and charming look to the house.

Helical Stairs

A helical staircase looks very good but is complicated in structural design and construction. It is usually made out of R.C.C using a large portion of steel to resist bending, shear and torsion.

Install beautiful and impressive staircases design in your house with the help of Zen Interiors. Check out the website –– to know more.


Home Furniture Design Tips For 2018

At Zen interiors, we specialize in helping our clients to find some of the best quality, stylish furniture for your homes and office spaces in Bahrain

Home furniture is always changing and shifting trends. In the babble of so many multiple interior decorators, it is pretty hard to know to follow and what not to try out. However, if you want to know what are the new updates that are rocking the furniture world right now, fear not for we do have most of the answers! If you want to revamp your house and are looking for some useful, trustworthy tips to follow, then it’s best you try out the followings tips for a great home to look forward to.

  1. Always be true to yourself. Let your house reflect your thoughts. And likewise, let your furniture indicate the kind of person you are. Go for reinforced wood if you like the old school appeal of sturdy well-designed furniture. Or you could show off your fun attitude with the modernistic wrought iron furniture and its melange of designs. Remember your house will give the vibe that is unconsciously associated with yours. So let it be a positive, affirmative one that matches you!
  2. You could try some handicraft style furniture like bamboo wood, recycled wood, antique wood, etc. You can also get cool metal furniture like in stainless steel and chromium.
  3. Let your furniture match the aura of the rest of the house. If your knickknacks are of one kind and your furniture doesn’t match with it, all you will feel is just disappointment.
  4. If your room is spacious, get bigger furniture that ensures that it doesn’t leave the room looking bare and empty.
  5. Allow your curtains and blinds to gel well with the furniture and make proper space for the guests or family to move around in that room.
  6. If you are getting furniture near the verandah, get something sleek that is relaxing yet not too much. If you have any cozy home furniture, focus it in the living room or bedroom.
  7. Allow your bookcases and racks to have multiple purposes so that you not only keep books or other objects but also other kinds of stuff as well. This changes the ambiance of the home and increases the comfy feel of it.
  8. Allow your furniture to have good cushions based on its sizes. Else it may look too bulky and drabby.

So are you interested in trying out the above tips? I hope they have cleared your mind about possible choices in home furniture. There are many good companies like ZEN ( which can help you choose the right kind of furniture you want as per your needs!


Interior decoration with our collaboration

 Zen Interiors offers world class interior design services that helps to give your homes a new makeover hat gives your living spaces a stylish new look

Style and living blend in completely, and this gets reflected by the homes we build, the choices we make on building our homes. The first condition to creating an interior is to select something that defines your personality. If someone is more of a comfortable person, he or she can decorate the home in shades of light colours. If someone is more naturally inclined, he or she may try shades of green and yellow. If someone is more of an office classic, he or she can experiment with shades of grey and blue.

The main idea is to make the smaller rooms more spacious, by painting them with lighter colours and painting your personality into them. Use of larger windows and mirrors cause the illusion of large rooms too. Mirrors and light increase the illusion also.

Every room is a work of art and tells a story of its own. If there’s an antique in your room, it narrates a tale of inheritance and history. If there’s your favorite couch beside it, that will tell a tale of how you could not resist a pricey item and you couldn’t get over it. The past and present could easily settle into one room and coexist wonderfully.

With fabrics, rugs, carpets, cushions, and colours, there can be a throw of colours and hues. Adding green plants, lanterns, hanging pots and lamps bring about more vibes to the rooms. Adding reading nooks, ethnic kitchen designs, antique shelves, bring about huge differences.

At Zen interiors, we have specialized interior decoraters who will guide you through the selection process. From sofa selection to your staircase design, we have all solutions for you. We can help you with color schemes, designs, models, and material that will suit your home best.

Not only is home furniture important, one needs to look into office furniture too. Cubicles, desks, chairs, cupboards for your office setup is also available. All of this furniture needs to be classy, chic and decent. Not only has it to be fashionable but also functional and useful.

We look after client satisfaction on the first basis and try to create the best experience for the customers. For more information, one should consult our website: We ensure customer satisfaction and guarantee the best results for your homes. For best results, discuss your plans with us and we will guide you through. Transform your home into a piece of art, with our collaboration.

3 tips to pick designer wall tiles for your bathroom

At Zen Interiors, our experts will help you to find the best wall tiles for your bathrooms to give it a stylish new look that meets your general style


Commonly when we begin a washroom redesign we have one tile that we long for incorporating into our plan. At times it is an extremely exceptional or one of a kind decorative wall tile and other times it is as straightforward as realizing that you need white metro tile. In any case, take that fantasy tile and utilize it as the beginning stage for the other tile you will decide for your washroom plan.


Taking your first (must have) decision as a beginning stage, utilize it to settle on the choices for alternate tiles you will incorporate into your outline. On the off chance that your must have is an extremely one of a kind shading or design and will be the point of convergence of your plan, pull more unpretentious hues from it to use in your emphasize tiles. On the off chance that however your first decision is extremely plain (like a white tram tile) you might need to include a component of enthusiasm with a beautiful highlight tile or even a littler scale white penny tile to switch it up and include intrigue.

Often, you will pick a story tile, a divider tile for the shower/tub encompass or even the majority of the dividers in your lavatory, and a complement decorative wall tile that will be utilized as a point of convergence. This is only a rule. Try not to be hesitant to break the guidelines a smidgen.


There are such a significant number of excellent tiles out there and a lavatory is an ideal place to flaunt some of your identity and go for broke with a fun shading or example on your tiles. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you will let it all out, keep it to one work of art. This will make your look ageless and truly make the wow factor that you are going for since it won’t contend with alternate components in the room. (A significant number of these super unique tiles can be expensive, yet in the event that you are working in a little territory like a lavatory, they may very well be the go overboard you require since you won’t require a lot of square feet.)

Your mid zone can be spacious or little, it’s dependent upon you.

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Redecorate Your House By Using Innovative Window Blinds

At Zen Interiors, we specialize in helping you redecorate your house by using the right kind of window blinds that suits your interior design styles

Planning on redecorating the house a bit? But don’t want to increase any knickknacks into the house or make it too gaudy? Have no fear. Window blinds are here!

Who would have thought that the humble window blinds used to cover the window for protection can actually become classy methods of decorating your house and giving new life to any chosen theme of interior design?

However, it is true. Windows are actually the very viable solution to all furnishing problems. And choosing the right window blind for your house is a matter you shouldn’t take lightly.

There are five basic categories of blinds; vertical, horizontal, cellular, roller and woven woods.

  • Vertical Blinds are the kind that is very practical for being utilized on large windows or patio doors. They can be made of fabric or vinyl. Depending on your choice and the amount of light entering a room, a fabric can be light radiatin g and vinyl will be room darkening.
  • Horizontal Blinds can be made of metal, alloys, wood or faux-wood. They also have the additional advantage of having a tilt and can be used to open up the window itself.
  • Cellular Shadescan have a single or multiple pleats on the front and a similar pleat on the back. They are available in the form of spun polyester which can create rather a strong pleat retention.
  • Roller Shades are not really included in the traditional definition of blinds here. However, roller shades are available in the forms of vinyl, mylar, mesh or treated fabrics.
  • There are also polyester shadesavailable that have a flat fabric front and a rather perpendicular back with vanes that float in the middle.
  • Woven Woods are available in a typical roman fold style. There are many beautiful natural products to choose from in this range. However, they may be a bit on the expensive side.

There are dedicated companies like ZEN  ( who have a wide attractive range of blinds available for their customers  and can even offer custom built options just to suit the client.  Depending on the theme, the type of the house, the color of the walls, the kind of window present and on which side the window is facing, a myriad of options is available which can help in solving a lot of your interior decoration problems. So wait no more! Start choosing from the above options and do your research so that even your humble window can be part of a palace fit for a king !


Shopping for stairs? We’ll help

At Zen Interiors, our experts help our clients to find the best staircases that suits their home interiors, and adds a charm and style to their abode

Hunting for domestic staircases can be a pain. There are many sorts of stairs that we can build or add railings to. This rundown portrays some of the more famous stair types:

Straight Stairs

This is the most common type of staircase setting found in most homes and offices.

Benefits straight Stairs:

  • Straight stairs have a tendency to be the least demanding to go here and there or ascend/descend  as we say in the business.
  • They are normally the least demanding to construct however this depends on the level of detail in the plan.
  • Straight stairs only need be connected at the top and the base (no middle supporting structure is required).
  • They function admirably with moderate designed homes because of their inherent simplicity.
  • By choosing more slender treads, open risers and thin metal stringers, straight stairs can be made more transparent than different sorts of stairs enabling less obstruction to the view past.
  • No landing is required if the quantity of risers are kept under 16 or the general vertical stature is under 12 feet.
  • Its moderately simple to assemble railings and handrails for straight stairs.
  • Measuring for railings is less complex also.

L Shaped Stair (or often called quarter turn stairs)

The L molded stair is a variety of the straight stair with a twist in some segment of the stair. This twist is typically accomplished by including an arrival at the twist change point. The twist is frequently 90 degrees, be that as it may it doesn’t need to be. In the event that the landing is nearer to the best or base of the stairs it is sometimes called as a long L stair.

Points of interest of L formed Stairs:

  • L Stairs can be all the more outwardly appealing.
  • They give a visual hindrance between floors so they can include some privacy.
  • Also L Stairs can assist to some degree with sound transmission between floors if the stairs are contained inside dividers.
  • Some believe that they are more secure than straight stairs as the focal landing decreases the quantity of treads one could fall in a given flight.
  • The landing can give a place to stop and rest while ascending.
  • They can be situated in an edge of a room if this works better for your plan.


U molded Stairs (or some of the time called half turn stairs or bend stairs)

U Shaped stairs are fundamentally 2 parallel flights of straight stairs joined by a getting that requires 180 degree hand over the walk line. This is a more complicated sort of the domestic staircases and if often used only because of the visual appeal.

For more on tips to pick the best staircases for your home or business, visit us at



The 3 basic design tips for your office interiors

Our interior design experts at Zen Interiors are proficient at creating highly functional yet stylish interiors for your office spaces in Bahrain

Regardless of whether your organization’s office takes up more than two stories in a high rise lined city, or you’ve set up a little shop in an in a chic industrial area (basic tech workplaces in present day times) these time tested tips for office interior design for both efficiency and visual interest apply all the same.

5 Interior Design Tips for Commercial Office Spaces

1. Keep the Work Environment Light… with Natural Light

Anybody that has ever worked in a basement level workspace (or has seen the Tom Hanks 80’s classic “Joe versus the Volcano”) realizes that an office situation without common light can weigh heavy on staff mind. While most workplaces today do have the window space accessible to attract this light, not every person exploits it. Studies have demonstrated that exposure to normal light enhances working environment efficiency, so even from a “primary concern” outlook it bodes well. Open up the space surrounding the windows with the goal that it is permitted to radiate through. However, with regards to utilizing common light for plan and “feel”, it’s not just about more. Controlling the light that enters an office is basic to catching the correct tone. To finish this, consider having customized blinds introduced, set to alter for the regular movement of the sun.

2. Make Space, or its Illusion, in Smaller Offices

You might work with restricted area. While the space is somewhat tight for your loving, you can make the impression of a totally open breadth. Controlling regular light will help do the trick, yet there are different techniques to add to the blend, including the following:

Paint with lighter tones

Deliberately put mirrors

Limit office furniture to the basics

Utilize office decorations with no windows

3. Coordinate Color Conducive to Productivity and Good Spirits

There are many studies on the effect of shading on working environment efficiency. This article outlines the general discoveries great, expressing that blues and greens make a relieving environment, that orange and yellows can advance hungers and agitation (separately), that reds can invigorate mind wave activity yet prompt uneasiness, and neutral hues (brown, beige, grey, and so forth.) can quiet yet be depressing if darkened excessively. Since shading can have such an effect on profitability, it is essential that if you plan on incorporating a solid shading sense of taste into your office space, you must take advice from an expert interior designer first.

For more on tips and hacks on making your office lively through smart interior design, visit our website at





Blend Your Interiors With Appropriate Furniture


Furniture adds a special beauty to home. Choosing appropriate furniture is equally important to style your home and make it look lavish and presentable.

Furniture is an object used for various human activities like sitting, eating, storage, kitchen cabinets etc. Every activity requires a different kind of furniture depending on its use.  It is a decorative form of art.

Furniture can be made with varied materials right form man made materials to materials available in the nature. Tree stumps, rocks, moss etc. are materials used for making furniture in ancient times.

Choosing appropriate furniture for home can be a challenging task because the kind of furniture you have at home greatly portrays your personality. Furniture should be stylish, practical and made to last using top quality materials.

The wood should be selected in a way which lasts for longer time and does not lose its shines eventually. Colors and shades of furniture also matter greatly because they tend to deepen with time. Some solid woods even tend to expand when settled at home.

Things to keep in mind before buying any kind of furniture

It is necessary to buy the right kind of furniture which has extreme durability and functionality. While buying furniture managing space is equally important. The kind of furniture you choose for your home should fit well with the space given giving functionality of space once you have set it. Not just this, it should blend well with your existing interiors. Cottages, modern apartments and holiday homes requires their own set of unique blend of pieces

Finance being the most important aspect, while buying any kind of furniture it is important to set a budget for every piece of furniture you buy.

Furniture is made from many different kinds of trees which results in cutting down of those trees resulting in pollution. It is advised to buy furniture that does no harm or very minimal harm to the environment. Keeping this in mind eco-friendly furniture has been started by few companies. They are highly sustainable and environment friendly.

Wood furniture is the most reliable choice for most of them because they are highly durable. They are also easy to maintain and clean. It adds a natural beauty to your home within putting in much effort.

Zen Interiors provides wide range of services. For more details, do visit our website at