Setting up the perfect home office

Working from home provides an unprecedented freedom and eases work pressure. However, having a lazy workspace at your home can actually be counterproductive. Propping on your couch with a laptop and working on your coffee table can seriously hamper your productivity. If you are someone who often works from home, it pays to have a designated home office, can help eliminate minor irritations that hamper your workflow.

When planning your workspace, you need to think of creating a comfortable, yet professional workspace. Good seating arrangements should be one of your first priorities. You do not have to invest in the costliest worktable and chair, but having a good, comfortable chair and worktable is important.

Good lighting is also important. Try to position your workspace as close to a natural light source, such as a window. Also, invest in a good lighting system as well, for working during dark, moody days. Working in a place with optimal lighting will reduce strain on your eyes.

Good ventilation is also important. Invest in a good air conditioning system for those hot, humid days. This will have your work environment in an optimal temperature, thus keeping you from being uncomfortable.

At Zen Interiors, we provide viable interior design services to help set up the right home office for you. For more information about our services, do visit our website at


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