Making the most of your small bathroom

A small bathroom always presents a good amount of logistical and design challenges. However, a skilled designer can make the best use of available space by planting clever d├ęcor and accessories. This will makes your small bathroom seem spacious, and will make the best use of the limited space.

The best space management tip is to do away with external cupboards and unnecessary clutter. Storing the essential toiletries in a hidden cupboard or wall hanging cabinets is recommended. Keeping the floor and the ceiling free of all clutter is the ebst way to give your small bathroom a feeling of space. Wall mounted features such as floating shelves, sinks etc will work wonders in this regard.

Using bright colours and reflective surfaces will add to the look and the cheerful feel of the bathroom. Using large tile formats and a good sized mirror, placed strategically will create an illusion of largeness. Making good use of natural and artificial lighting is necessary to make your bathroom look lively. The bathroom is the first place you go to after you wake up, good lighting can elevate lethargy and can make you feel awake easily.

Using the right accessories such as showerheads, taps etc can also add to the charm of the bathroom.

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